Springway Rudolph Rhyme - ET

1-11 2x  365d  24520m  4.2% 1041f  3.3% 801p
3-05 2x  365d  30700m  5.5% 1694f  3.0% 920p

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Dam: Springway BStar Rozelle - ET
3-10 2x  365d  30190m  4.6% 1382f  3.0% 914p
LIFE 1763d  124260m  4.4% 5432f  3.1% 3824p

2nd Dam: Springway Valiant Rosemary -ET
(E-90 VEVE   DOM   2E)
11-08 2x  365d  29680m  4.5% 1340f  3.0% 877p

3rd Dam: Dandy-Lea Lucinda
( Ex-91 GMD   VEEE 2E)

4th Dam: Avesta Astra Lady Laura
(EX-90 GMD   2E)

5th Dam: Pretty Prairie Isaac Louise
(EX-91 GMD)

6th Dam: Pretty Prairie Ideal Fran
(EX-90 GMD)

Rhyme's two year old daughter:

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Springway BWM Abby- ET (VG-87 VEVVV)

The strong genetics in this family just keep getting better!


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